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To Blog or not to Blog, is that even a question?

So I've just been fiddling around with my website back end, trying to tizzy things up here and there and get a tad more profesh! And it's ever so kindly asked me if I wanted to write a blog. Well, who am I to refuse such a sincere digital computer offering? Would be rude not to right? Here I am. Blogging. Well writing about blogging in the very least. Even as I'm typing this I'm still trying to work out the exact subject matter of my first every blog. If I've lead you astray so far and you're still waiting for the awesome, amazing, inspiring, wizz bang content to kick in? Well, perhaps blog numeros dos will contain that.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to type and focus on spelling things properly and putting the right commas where they're meant to go and all that grammar police type bizz.

The reality is, fair chance this first post will only have one reader. My mum. "Hi Mum, look at me go, I'm blogging". Remember that time when I quit ballet, and softball, and piano and everything else I had great potential at? Well never you fear, I am now a word waffler. Perhaps this is what I was always born to do? Proud huh!

Well, if you do happen to be reading this and you haven't fallen asleep in your chair. Thank you. I promise to be better next time, just thought I'd dip my digital toe into the blogasphere and see what falls outta the sky.

Until next time folks...

Yours always in everything arty,



PS. I like sunflowers.

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