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ISO, ISO, Baby....

Hey, guess what...I'm writing about isolation because I'm very original with my content ideas.

So, what does isolation look like for Marly? To be honest, a tad on the unproductive side when it comes to actually painting! I have so many ideas I can't get to. I'm surprised at myself that this blog thingo is even happening right now. But, it doesn't require paint drying or photo taking and it can occur after witching hour. Ha, who am I's longer than ONE hour...witching HOURS! And that's just me, Miss Two is fine, but me after 5pm is not pretty. However come 8pm post shower and with tea cup in hand I come good again.

The reality is, I can't paint as much as I want to right now. I get the mum guilts for even attempting to do any during the day, and besides the puppy dog eyes she pulls work a treat. Oh boy, they rip right into my soul. Aint no paint brush ever stand a chance. She wins. And at night time? Yeah, nah. The rental lighting situ is not ideal either. So, I do what every other ISO business does. Pivot. Switch it up. Make it work.

I little while ago I started working on Ink Sketches for Valentines day and they were a hit. Smaller. Couch friendly. No drying required. I've did try to 'have a break' and just do nothing. But that's like trying to tell a Kardashian to have a break from botox. Not. Gunna. Happen. The brain of a creative never sleeps. Sometimes its actually quite annoying! Ask Mr Marly. But either way, the sketches fill the creative void until I can get my paint brush dirty again.

Which brings me to my new friends Yoga and Meditation. We started going 'steady' a few weeks ago and they are showing signs of good potential to go the distance. However, they seem to do what nobody else can do and that's quiet the creative noise within for just 30 minutes. So I'm trying my darndest to at least work one or the other and sometimes both into my daily morning routine. It doesn't always look pretty. Sometimes I'm trying to 'visualize' that white sandy beach when a 3 ft tall noisy seagull demands more cereal. Or I'm relaxing into 'child's pose' when suddenly my lower back resembles a park bench to that same seagull. But hey, at least the seagull doesn't poop on me anymore.

I've also been trying to bake and cook more. More? Pft. More like, at all. The key word here is trying. We wont discuss the disaster that was Easter, but we WILL celebrate the success that was home made crackers! OMG, I am now obsessed. Mostly because it's soooo easy. Seeds, water, herbs, salt. Done. Sure, maybe there's $253 worth of ingredients compared to your $1 Coles water crackers, but the self satisfaction is priceless. And besides, I'm saving on petrol sooooo there. If anyone wants the recipe, hit me up! (Which then proves to me you read my blog...mwahah)

I have also never been SO on top of laundry in my entire life. I even ironed for an hour one afternoon. There was something strangely satisfying about watching crumpled creases disappear from outfits I'd refused to wear for months prior simply because they were in the 'too hard, needs ironing' metaphorical and literal basket. Ironically I have nowhere to now wear said freshly ironed clothes.

Even though my personal art life has taken a small hit, I've just subbed it in for a glue stick and crimp scissors with Miss Two to get the 'buzz' I need and she loves it too. I have days where she ages me a gazillion years, but what I'm learning now more than ever is what slowing down is all about. Can't say it'll be me forever, I don't do 'slow' well, but I'll embrace it for the time being and enjoy her as best I can.

Bake. Create. Move. Repeat. Touching on each of these things every weekend is how I'm spending my ISO. And who knows, perhaps when this all passes, some new habits will stick and I shall be reunited with canvas once more.

Peace out fellow 'homies'.

M x

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