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Hi.... it has been 265 days since my last blog. Actually I don't know the real number, that just sounded good at the time, question me if you have the time. Otherwise roll with it. A long time. I think it might have been before the world went to hell in a handbag on a global scale. How are we all doing on that front? Okay? I hope we are all being good little pandemic students and learning many lessons Captain COVID has taught us, I could go on and on but that's an entirely different blog and I'm hoping you're here because the title art piece caught your eye. If so, proceed. If not, still proceed.

So when I first started Marly my objective was to paint pop art portraits of people. Musicians to be exact. I love music, I love art. There's a peas and carrots thing going on there yeah? Anyway, fast forward to the present and in the 65+ paintings I've done, about 5 of those have been pop art paintings of musicians. Then someone wanted a dog, I said yes. Someone wanted a cat, I said no...jokes. Cats are 'fine'. I said yes. Someone wanted flowers, again...yes. People started to approach ME with all different ideas and I just kept rolling with it. Then I did some graphic design, some web design, and suddenly Marly was evolving into a 'Jackie of all trades' type situation. And I am 100% A-OK with it. Truth is I enjoy the variety and the challenges and getting to constantly practice and work on my craft.

Then recently, my cousin Jasmine messaged me and asked if I'd like to create some 'Author's Art' for her. Jas joined a writers club in 2019, and dove deep into the world of fiction and hasn't looked back and is now having her first books published. For me, this was something new again. Guess what my answer was?....Ha, bet you thought it was 'yes'. WRONG. It was 'what in the hey is Author's art?'....and THEN once clarified it was 'heck yes'.

The brief was "I like typewriters and I have stacks of books all over the house". As far as what particular Marly style?? "All of them". Right so. Thinking cap on, many scribbles and sketches later, what my brain saw was a book shelf with overgrown vines crawling through an old style typewriter and worn leather books, symbolic of how long the art of writing and literature has been around...flippin' AGES! Then to 'Marly' it up a bit, my thing in the last year has been florals and birth month flowers so I introduced 4 flower types to represent Jasmines husband and two kiddos. January = Carnation (hubby), March = Daffodil (son), July (daughter) = Larkspur and November = Chrysanthemum for the Author herself. Throw in a skull and some dripping blood to represent Jasmine's 'Speculative Fiction' style of writing and we have Who she Is, What she Loves and What she Writes all rolled into one piece. The end result was an ink sketch and water colour combo that I then scanned and turned into a digital file she can use across her socials and turn into various stationary bits and bobs. Few little progress 'behind the scenes' sketches below.

I love supporting anyone willing to just get out there and have a go and am so proud to call this clever cookie my cousin. If you're curious and keen I encourage you to follow her @jasmine_jarvis_author and check out her reads on Amazon here

Got an idea for something you'd like me to create for you? Chances are I'll say yes....just a hunch...



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