Go on, ask me anything...


I'm going to put on my best mind reading attire, and attempt to answer those burning questions, however if you don't see an answer to your questions, jump on over to the 'Contact Me' tab and fire away. I will get back to you within 2 business days.

What are your delivery options?

I have a few to chose from.

POSTAGE - I can ship anywhere in Australia either standard or express delivery.

COURIER - Which is a fancy word for 'i'll jump in my car and drive to you'. Brisbane customers. Fees apply.

PICK UP - You can arrange a pick up time direct with me and come on over. Norman Park or Upper Mount Gravatt.

How much do your delivery options cost?

POSTAGE - This all depends on what you are ordering as the sizes and weight of what I offer do vary.

Ink Sketches Print Only - $2 Standard or $8 Express (Australia only)

Ink Sketches with Frame - $10 Standard or $18 Express (Australia only)

Art Canvas Rolled - $15 Standard or $25 Express (Australia only)

Art Canvas Stretched - $25 Standard or $40 Express (Australia only)

Art Canvas Framed - $35 Standard or $50 Express (Australia Only)

COURIER - Me and my sweet ride will drive your piece to you anywhere in Brisbane for a flat $10. I only work part time in my 'day job' so I can delivery on Mondays, Tuesdays as well as weekends.

How long does the art take to produce?

A very important question. I do two very different styles of art and there is a big difference in time and price.

Ink Sketches: These little fellas can be completed anywhere from 2-5 days depending on size and level of detail. 

Art Canvases: These big fellas take quite a bit longer because there is an additional design consultation phase at the start plus the process of painting layers and the clear coat at the end all need drying time. You'd be looking at minimum 4 weeks.

The above are estimations only. I am a one woman band so if i have multiple jobs at the same time it could affect lead times. I will advise you of this at the time you place your order. If you have a specific date in mind, like a birthday or Christmas gift, best contact me before making your purchase.

Will I get to see the piece before it is shipped, delivered or collected?

Yes absolutely. I always send a photo for your final approval before it goes into the post or I let you know to come pick it up.

What happens if I don't like the final piece?

Let's cross our fingers it doesn't come to that and to date I haven't had this type of feedback yet.

For the Ink Sketches - they are fairly straight forward as the style I do you can already see from other examples. If I am merely recreating a photo, there shouldn't be too much of a concern. 

For the Art Canvases - I actually play around with your image digitally to try out some colour schemes to show you along with any requests you might have at this beginning stage. That way, when I put paint to canvas you already know the design and colour direction it is headed so it shouldn't be a big surprise at the end. I will always show the painting to you at about 80% completion in case you have any minor comments. Paintings or people can be especially critical so I like to know I've hit the nail on the head with my artistic impression of them before I wrap it up.